What's New in the 3rd Edition
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What's New in the 3rd Edition

Wondering what life is like in the north? Planning a trip to Canada's eastern Arctic? Wondering what an Inuksuk is for? The new Nunavut Handbook is the place to look for everything you want to know about Nunavut.

This highly acclaimed guidebook takes the reader on a journey through one of the last great, untouched wilderness areas on Earth - Canada's Nunavut territory.

From the logistics of getting here, to chapters on Inuit culture and spirituality, the third edition of the Handbook compiles works from mostly northern-based writers who have worked hard to make it the best Nunavut Handbook yet.

A spectacular travel destination deserves an equally impressive travel guide. Northerners who know the land, wildlife and history are the best sources for Nunavut travel information. We have chosen authors who share their insights about the north in a way that is both informative and fun to read.

While still a land of pristine snowscapes and vistas, some things in Nunavut have changed significantly since the last edition of the Nunavut Handbook was published. The new edition reflects those changes.

There are detailed chapters on each community, written by authors who share information on its history, land, wildlife, tours, and shopping opportunities. The chapters on Nunavut's three regional centres, Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet and Cambridge Bay, also include detailed directories to make planning a trip even easier.

There is a new section, with chapters about each of the territory's national and territorial parks, to cater to those looking for a true Arctic adventure. It's important to know, for example, that if planning a trip to Auyuittuq National Park you should be prepared to cross many frigid, glacier-fed rivers and streams.

There are also brand new chapters on the territory's developing tourism industry, working in Nunavut, climate change, and the place of Nunavut in the circumpolar world. John Amagoalik, often called "the father of Nunavut" for his contributions to the creation of the territory, wrote a new introduction for the book.

All of these changes help to cement the Nunavut Handbook's place as the most comprehensive guide to all things Nunavut.